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About our trails

We have 14 trails that range from green grade to black grade and have had international acclaim from Mtb press and riders alike. All trails are accessed by our uplift service (we are an uplift facility only) which is regarded as the best uplift service in the UK. 



Plug and Feathers

Our green graded beginner trail here at Antur, 2km of flowing beautiful single track


Blue graded dh trail that has 2 sections before giving you the option to join the green or a red at the mid-way point…..’The choice is yours’.


A series of berms twist you all the way down back to the pickup point!


A more natural unsurfaced trail with plenty of ‘airtime’.


Traverse from the top bridge to the pick-up point on this tech trail.

Meehhh Line

Antur’s jump line with over 30 jumps which are all rollable…….’Airtime’

Pump Track

Jump circuit located near the car park and suitable for all abilities.


Jumps and berms will lead you into ‘Wildcart’ at Mach 10 speed!


Technical red trail with rocks aplenty!


Tight, twisty, rutted and heaps of natural fun. Branches off Black Powder from the bottom bridge and expect some ‘wildness in the wet’.

Black Powder

Rocky and technical with plenty of airtime! Not for the faint hearted!

Field Jumps

Largest jumps on site take you back to the pick- up point.


Branches off Black Powder and offers a burlier option with a commiting rock drop......you have been warned!

The Black

Steep- relentless-flow...!

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